Located 150km south-east of Perth and along strike from Newmont’s giant Boddington gold deposit (+40Moz Au), the South Boddington Project area comprises ground that is located within the Saddleback Greenstone Belt which hosts the Boddington gold mine. Much of the belt remains unexplored or underexplored, providing the opportunity to identify additional gold deposits.

South Boddington consists of applications for two exploration licences (E70/4225 and E70/4590) which are interpreted to host similar stratigraphy to Boddington.  A recent magnetic survey of the Boddington region by the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA – Brett, JW 2020 Magnetic RTP 1VD, merged grid of Western Australia 2020 version 1) has highlighted magnetic lows in the Project area similar to the magnetic lows over the Boddington mine.  This further supports the potential for the stratigraphy at South Boddington to be similar to the area hosting the Boddington gold mine.

Major gold deposits are typically situated within gold camps that host multiple deposits.

BMG believes this supports the potential for the discovery of additional deposits nearby Boddington.

The South Boddington Gold Project presents an outstanding opportunity to make a significant new gold discovery in the underexplored areas of a world-class gold belt.

Location of South Boddington Gold Project, Boddington

Map (overlaying GSWA magnetic data) showing the location of South Boddington tenements on the Saddleback Greenstone Belt